Selasa, 29 November 2011

.::Solusi Rangkaian Listrik pada kuliah 28-11-11::.

Hm...posting kali penulis akan membahas permasalahan Rangkaian Listrik pada 28-11-11 hari senin kemarin, saat pertanyaan mengenai t = 0.55 terpending gara-gara penyelesaiannya yang tidak masuk akal. Alhasil Dosen menyuruh kita sama - sama mencari penyelesaiannya, untuk mendapatkan penyelesaiannya yang benar.
Pada posting ini penulis telah menyelesaikan permasalahan yang ada, dan mengupload jawabannya pada posting kali ini, bagi yang ingin mempelajarinya silahkan download link dibawah ini.

Pembahasan Rangkaian Listrik ini, membahas tentang RLC dan tanggapan ilmiahnya serta respon dari rangkaian tersebut.
Download Link : 1. Solusi

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Description:I currently lecture in the Faculty of Industrial Technology Department of Electrical ITS Surabaya. Here I have undergone the third semester at ITS Surabaya. Well, that's ITS, Campus of Struggle, campus that's really needed a hard struggle to survive amid the bustle lectures and organizations.

I am an ordinary man, who wants to share Sciences as the words on the wall of my blog "Science is a entrusted goods divine ... not forever we have, but still must we looking for ..."

But until now Alhamdulillah I am still able to face all the difficulties at this time, I tried to start active in writing, especially on this blog. So if possible I will provide information about campus organizations and activities that I follow this blog along the rails.
Hopefully this blog can be beneficial to my readers and friends later .... Amin ...